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Cornerstone Community Involvement and Business Partners
Institute of Physical Art, Inc.

The Institute of Physical Art, founded in 1978 promotes the use of manual therapy and education to facilitate optimum human function.  The IPA presents continuing education courses, two Functional Manual Therapy certifications, an APTA credentialed FMT Orthopedic Residency Program, and an APTA/AAOMPT credentialed FMT Fellowship program.   

Through these multilevel professional opportunities of the IPA, each clinician is equipped with confidence, expertise, and clinical reasoning to provide all people the opportunity to experience a body that works for life, work, recreation, and performance.

Functional Manual Therapy is an integrated and seamless treatment system which couples mechanical treatment of the joints, soft tissues, visceral and neurovascular systems with manual neuromuscular facilitation to enhance optimum motor control and human function.                                                           


Christian Medical & Dental Assocations®

Our Mission & Vision


Our Mission:  Christian Medical & Dental Association motivates, educates and equips Christian healthcare professionals to glorify God by:

  • serving with professional excellence as witnesses of Christ’s love and compassion to all peoples, and:
  • advancing biblical principles of healthcare within the Church and to our culture.

Our Vision:  Transformed Doctors, Transforming the World    

Our Core Values:  We strive to fulfill our mission by our commitment to be:


            Controlled by the Holy Spirit

            Committed to Scripture

            Communing in Prayer




            Culturally Relevant

Our Statement of Faith:  (While each of us holds fast to additional beliefs important to our relationship with God, the following statement outlines the tenets that provide a foundation for our fellowship and participation in the Christian Medical & Dental Associations.)

I Believe: 

  • In the divine inspiration and final authority of the Bible as the Word of God;
  • In the eternal God revealed in Holy Scripture as Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
  • In the unique Deity of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, whose death and resurrection provide by grace through faith the only means of my salvation;
  • In the transforming presence and power of the Holy Spirit.
iCan Junior Triathlon Club


Teaching youth fundamental life principles through the sport of triathlon.


iCAN Junior Triathlon Club will inspire and empower youth of all backgrounds and abilities, helping participants embrace an “I CAN” attitude throughout their lives. Promoting “iCAN” core life principles of confidence, patience and determination, while developing goal setting skills in a team environment, will foster academic growth, increase leadership and promote adherence to a healthier lifestyle by participants.



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