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We are committed to our values that revolve around integrity, respect, accountability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The professionalism that we strive to have should reflect Christian values from the very first contact with patients to every touch point along their therapy journey. 


We desire to be fully engaged in your care physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as you travel along your healing journey. We hope that you can feel how much we genuinely care about each of our patients, their families, and their lives.


Our office is designed in such a way that we hope you feel comfortable from the second you walk in until the moment you leave. With personal treatment rooms, relaxed lighting, calming music, and an open gym floor, our facility should be a peaceful space where you are able to rehabilitate in whatever way you and your therapist decide. From strengthening workouts to manual therapy, your privacy and comfort is of utmost importance to us.


It is our hope that when you are our patient, you feel more like family. From our clinical staff to our aides to our front office administration, we are committed to praying for our patients, following up with them, and making sure that their PT needs are taken care of. You will be seen, known, and loved here at CPT.

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