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Check out what our patients have to say about us below:

“I came to Kevin for back pain.  Not only did my back pain improve, but I realized how my pain has affected my golf swing.    After a few visits, I now come through the ball like I did when I was younger, which means no more slice! Amazing!” BB


“Running is my passion.  I have slowed as my age has risen.  Working with Kevin has allowed me to reach levels I never thought were possible.  I completed a half-marathon at age 56 in 1:30!”  MC


"I am on my eight visit and I am so pleased. I have never felt so much relief from my neck pains. Both PT's are excellent in their knowledge of pain relief of all sorts and rehab. I see KC Hughes and my husband sees Kevin Brogan we are both very lucky to have been referred to them. The are personable and really care about their patients well-being. I highly recommend both of them. If you have to see at PT ask your physician to refer you to this facility. You will be very happy." -MH


"Coming to you for physical therapy has far greater benefits than just fixing my knees.  I was blessed by it, again, so I wanted to share the blessing with you, since you were a part of it."  -NL


"Now, having finished with the course of treatment for this last surgery from Kevin Brogan and Ted Mello I still am convinced that I made a great decision to return to their facility for this physical therapy.  Never do you feel that you are just a number, like I've felt at the other "big" therapy centers in town.  Their treatments are hands on and they tell you why they are doing what they do.  They also stress that the recovery is your responsibility as well and that the outcome is in large part under your control." -BW


"I came to Cornerstone Physical Therapy after going to multiple other physical therapy clinics in the Fresno area. Kevin Brogan was able to figure out a plan to help my shoulder and neck pain and was successful with providing me with relief after years of pain. All the other physical therapists I went to were never able to figure out how to help me. Kevin was willing to take on the challenge of figuring out ways to help me with my unique case. Everyone in this clinic was kind, welcoming and enthusiastic about helping their patients. I would recommend Cornerstone Physical Therapy to anyone who is needing treatment." -PP


"I am so thankful for Kevin’s expertise. I came to his office unable to walk more than one mile an hour. Through his treatments and the exercises he gave me he unlocked my foot and I was able to walk 200 miles across England. Amazing. Thank you, Kevin, your physical therapy assistance has been transformative and life giving. I thank God & I am ever grateful for your help." -SH

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